victim information request

If you were a victim of an auto accident or criminal matter appearing before the City of South Fulton Municipal Court, use this form to register for case updates.  It is your right to get notice about court dates and proceedings.  If you would like additional information please complete the form below.  We will make our best effort to keep you up to date.

In many cases, it takes 30 days or more for your ticket to enter the system. If you know the court date for the defendant in your case you can appear in virtual court using this link

Criminal Cases:

Most non-traffic criminal offenses such as battery, assault, most thefts (other than shoplifting) and other more serious offenses must be bound over to the State Court of Fulton County.  Those cases are not processed by Municipal Court. For more info about bindover cases click here. 

Victim Contact Form

Contact information:

LaDawn "LBJ" Blackett Jones

City of South Fulton Solicitor 


Direct: 404-343-6770 (text messages accepted)

Mailing Address:

c/o City Solicitor

5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd.,

Atlanta, GA 30336

Waiver of Prosecution
Use this form if your are a victim of an incident.  Use this form to request the solicitor drop the case because you do not want to proceed.   The Solicitor will take the matter under advisement. 
Completion of this form does not waive your appearance if you have been subpoenaed to court. 
You will be requested to provide proof of your identity to proceed.  In some cases you will still be required to appear in court. 
If you have questions about this form please contact Solicitor@CityofSouthFultonGa.Gov

Solicitor's Policy in Victim Cases

When a victim informs the solicitors office of their request to be notified of the court date, the Solicitor will make all efforts to contact the victim via the phone number provided.  Victim input is valued by our office.

In car accident cases, the Solicitor requests that the defendant provide proof that the damages for the vehicle were accepted by the defendants insurance company PRIOR to agreeing to any reductions in fines.  A guilty plea by a defendant is the best way that the solicitor can help ensure that the victim has sufficient evidence for civil litigation in the case of damages.  The solicitor does not typically request restitution on behalf of a traffic accident victim except in unusual circumstances.  The solicitor will provide a copy of the guilty disposition in a traffic case for use in civil court. 

In criminal cases restitution may be requested.  To obtain restitution the victim will need to provide evidence to the solicitor prior to the first court hearing or prior to the disposition of a case.  In most cases, criminal matters MUST appear before the court to ensure that the victims may be heard if timely requested.  

For many victims, taking time to appear in court is an inconvenience.  The solicitor therefore only requests victim attendance in the case of a trial or evidentiary hearing.  If it is necessary for a victim to appear in court, the solicitor will subpoena the victim/witness at the address on the citation or any address received by the solicitor using the above form. Please inform me of your address changes using the above form - note you have a new address in the comments.


Victims may also schedule time to speak with the solicitor about their case by requesting a "Pretrial with the Solicitor."  Pretrials are typically used by individuals who received a citation, but as the victim representative for citizens in South Fulton municipal court, victims are welcome to schedule a fifteen minute meeting here


Please note, the solicitor is not responsible for scheduling court dates or processing citations.  The Clerk of Municipal Court process all cases after it is received from the Police Department.  The Solicitor will be able to update victims about court dates after they have been scheduled by the Clerk of Court.  You can also obtain court dates by contacting the Clerk of Court.