School Zone Speeding Ticket Information

School zone speeding tickets are handled by a third party private company called Blue Line.  For additional information please go to their website where you can find information on disputing and paying citations.

If you received a school zone speeding ticket please follow the instructions on the back of the citation to dispute your ticket. Please note, per city ordinance, although these cases are handled in the City of South Fulton Municipal Court, all processing of these cases are handled by Blue Line.  The judge and solicitor of the City of South Fulton will handle the court hearing.

I am happy to answer any questions on this issue during a pretrial with the solicitor.  To schedule an opportunity to speak with the solicitor click here.  These tickets and lights are fairly new due to a Georgia law passed in 2018. Learn more here.

Additional information from SFPD regarding the school speeding tickets can be found below.

School Zone Ticket Citizen Feedback Form
If you have followed the directions on the citation to dispute your ticket and want to know your court date please contact Blue Line  
The solicitor does not schedule hearing dates and does not have access to your file until your court date.  We will review your case and any objections on your court date. 
PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19 all court dates have been delayed.  Please be patient while we reschedule court dates that should have occurred during our shut down period.

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