Click request to book to schedule pre-trial conference with the solicitor


Please use below scheduling tool to book a pretrial for your client's case.  Please feel free to use the DOCUMENT SUBMISSION page to upload any supporting evidence for your client's matter that you would like the solicitor to review.  


Pretrial conferences in most cases will occur DURING COURT, simply request a "pretrial" when the judge calls your case.  If your case is not on a calendar yet or you need extra information before your case please start with SENTENCE RECOMMENDATION REQUEST or UPLOAD DOCUMENTS in support of your request. 

  • 10 min conference with the solicitor to discuss your case or evidence.

NOTICE: The City Solicitor is the representative of the City. Any and all information presented to the solicitor during a pretrial or submitted via this website may be used for the purpose of prosecution.  You have the right to the assistance of an attorney.  Contact the Public Defender if you have questions prior to communicating with the solicitor. 

Upload your documents and evidence in advance to make your pre-trial conference more useful.  

If you have questions before speaking with the solicitor and would like the assistance of the Public Defender click here.

You do not have to speak with the solicitor.  You make go to court to dispute your case by registering for virtual court.

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Contact the City of South Fulton

City of South Fulton
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Phone: 470-809-7700
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Code Enforcement TELL: 470-809-TELL (8355)
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