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missing ticket form

Have you attempted to pay your ticket or check on a court date and your ticket is not listed in the system?  Use the form below to provide information about your case to the Solicitor to be eligible for a written dismissal 90-120 days after your incident.  

NOTE: Please do not use this form if you have not previously contacted the Clerk of Municipal Court.  To pay for a ticket please visit the City of South Fulton website HERE or call 470-809-7400 before completing this form.

Completing this form does not excuse your appearance from any scheduled court date. 

Missing Ticket Form

How will this form be used?​

By completing this form you will be providing information to the City Solicitor about your criminal or traffic offense.  The City Solicitor is the prosecutor for city ordinance violations or misdemeanors heard in the COSF Municipal Court. 


Providing this information is voluntary.  The solicitor has up to two years to elect to prosecute any case.  However, it is the general policy of the City of South Fulton Solicitor's Office to dismiss citations that have not been submitted for prosecution within a reasonable time after the incident.  Due to COVID 19, the solicitor is extending the time tickets are considered reasonable.  

Dismissal decisions are made on a case by case basis and are based on a variety of factors including the defendant's attempt to resolve the matter. If you have any questions about using this form please contact an attorney. 

Contact information:

LaDawn "LBJ" Blackett Jones

City of South Fulton Solicitor 


Direct: 404-343-6770 (text messages accepted)

Mailing Address:

c/o City Solicitor

5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd.,

Atlanta, GA 30336