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Second Chance South Fulton

Diversion Program

The 2nd Chance South Fulton program is a Pre-Trial Diversion Program that allows the imposition of certain conditions of behavior and conduct in exchange for a dismissal of charges or penalties in a traffic or criminal case.


The 2nd Chance South Fulton Pre-Trial Diversion program aims to:


1)  Provides screening services to the court and the prosecuting authorities to help identify likely candidates for pretrial diversion program;

(2) Establishes goals for diverted offenders and monitor performance of these goals;

(3) Performs assessments of diverted offenders where indicated, make appropriate referrals for treatment, and monitor treatment;

(4) Provides referrals for individual, group, and family counseling services;

(5) Oversee the payment of victim restitution by diverted offenders;

(6) Assist diverted offenders in identifying and contacting appropriate community resources;

(7) Provide educational services to diverted offenders to enable them to earn a high school diploma or GED; and

(8) Provide accurate information on how diverted offenders perform in the program to the court, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Through the program we hope to discourage future criminal acts and give participants an opportunity at life improvements. Per your Agreement for the 2nd Chance South Pre-Trial Diversion Program – you must give honest and complete answers. Failure to give complete answers and providing false information can result in expulsion from the program. The answers provided will be kept confidential and shall only be used to design program specifically for you.

Program Qualifications


  • Participants must accept acknowledgement of guilt for entry into the program.

  • Cases with ANY prior felony conviction and misdemeanors of the same offense/convictions within the last 2-3 years would not be appropriate for the 2nd Chance Program. 

  • Current offenses that involve physical contact with a victim and resulted in any physical injury to a person would not be appropriate for the 2nd Chance Program.

  • No history of child-related convictions.

  • ALL diversion cases will receive a dismissal upon completion of conditions.

  • Program will consist of two different tracks; level 1 (traffic) and level 2 (criminal).

  • Solicitor will pre-determine classification of various crimes.

  • Diversion fee to be paid at court on the final report date upon completion of program.


Program Entry/Enrollment Procedure

  • Participants express a clear desire to accept responsibility of delinquent behavior and enter a plea under the Pre-Trial diversion program.

  • Solicitor and Program and Probation Manager determine if case is suitable for Pre-Trial diversion program.

  • Participants that fail to qualify for the program will be notified that other plea options are necessary.

  • Qualified participant will be advised of qualification status and requirements of program.

  • If terms are accepted by qualified participants, a plea will be entered before the presiding judge.

  • After a plea has been entered, the participants are now enrolled in the Pre-Trial diversion program and are expected to complete all required documentation as set forth by program and adhere to all supervision requirements of the program. 

  • Program Fees

    • Level I

      • The fee for level I is assessed at $200.00.

        • $150.00 fine + $26.00 court cost + $5.00 State fee for diverted cases + $19.00 program administrative fees.

    • Level II

      • The fee for level I is assessed at $260.00.

        • $150.00 fine + $26.00 court cost + $5.00 State fee for diverted cases + $29.00 program administrative fees + $50.00 book fee.

    • All payments for the diversion program will be collected via the municipal courts clerks office.



Potential Conditions/Sanctions Explanation



Behavioral modification session

  • 0-2 hour session

  • Group session; individual request will be approved as needed.

  • Overview of program expectations

  • Individualized treatment planning with participants


Community Service Work

  • All community service work hours will be completed with a non-profit program agency.

  • Participants that have medical restrictions and/or live outside the Metro Atlanta area must obtain approval from the Programs and Probation Management before the completion of any community service work hours.

  • Community service work hours must be completed in 8-hour increments unless prior approval for a lesser amount of hours are granted.


Defensive Driving must be completed at a State approved agency

  • Must be a minimum of 6 hours.

  • Cost ranges up to $95.00.

  • Courses can NOT be taken twice to equal 6-hour requirement time.


Theft prevention

  • 8 hours of treatment.

  • 5 page essay on “Effects of Stealing on Society”.

  • Group or individual sessions are acceptable.


Anger Management

  • 4 weeks

  • 3 page essay on “Effective Coping Skills”

  • Group or individual sessions are acceptable.


Therapeutic sessions

  • Completion of evaluation

  • Treatment sessions determined by assessment agency


NA/AA attendance sessions

  • Any cases that mention that drugs were a part of the initial charge allegations. 

  • 1-2 drug test at a prior approved outside independent agency.


Job search

  • All unemployed participants

  • School and/or career research

  • Verification of a completed resume

  • Completion of job search forms


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