Epiffany Henry, M.A. -Programs and Probation Manager


Office Phone: 470 - 809-7406    Cell Phone: 470-476-0117

Office Location: 5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd. S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30336

Second Chance South Fulton

Diversion Program

Intake meeting with programs and probation manager for 2nd Chance South Fulton or follow up meeting with diversion program.
Diversion Intake/Conference
30 min
A open discussion session with the City of South Fulton Solicitor and Programs and Probation Manager that fulfills a component of a diversion, probation, or court service...
Talk Back Session
Wed, Thu
This is not a diversion program, but rather a dismissal based on prosecutorial discretion. 
Mandatory Court required theft course for probationers, diversion participants and others as requested by the Solicitor or Judge. Use this link when required to attend li...
Theft by Shoplifting Live Session*
Mon, Wed
Eight Session Course that is a diversion or probation required course. Full completion required to complete course. Click link to register for the course. Upon complete...
Stop While You're Ahead
Click "Book it" to register.  Link to class will be sent via email after registration.


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