Due to COVID 19 all upcoming City of South Fulton court matters will be handled virtually.  In person court dates are being rescheduled to virtual hearings by the Clerk of Court. 
To verify or request your updated court date from the City of South Fulton Clerk of Court select Verify Court Date 
Register for a virtual hearing here: 
Court Date on Citation:
If you have arrived to court in East Point, Union City, or Community Court on Fulton Industrial blvd based on a court date on your citation issued between March 10, 2020 and December 31, 2020 you will receive a notice via the address on the citation of your rescheduled court date.  To update your mailing address contact the Clerk of Court at courtclerk@cityofsouthfultonga.gov  or click here: 
If you have a FTA, outstanding ticket, do not know the status of your ticket, select one of the options below:
For legal representation or help: 
To speak to the City Solicitor about your case: 
To pay your citation: 
Additional Assistance from the Clerk's Office: 
1. Who is responsible for scheduling court?  The Clerk of Court, not the Solicitor's office determines when you will appear in court and is responsible for giving you notice to appear in court. 
2. I missed my court date or court was not open during my court date what should I do?  Pay your citation online, contact the clerk of court via email or phone. 
3. I've been trying to reach the clerk of court but cannot get an answer.  When you call the Clerk of Court wait until the end of the COVID notice, the phone will give you options to select a button to talk to a live person during business hours.  You can also try emailing the Clerk of Court.  
4. Who is the supervisor for the Clerk's of Court?  The supervisor is the Court Administrator Phenix Gaston who can be reached at phenix.gaston@cityofsouthfultonga.gov.  

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